Pneumatic Presses

Pneumatic presses are important tools that operate far more efficiently compared to hydraulic systems, boast superior durability, are very user-friendly, and are easy to maintain. Having a pneumatic press machine in your hospital and/or clinic is preferred, as pneumatic air presses are very clean and sanitary. Using a pneumatic arbor press allows you to quickly and effectively assemble components without promoting cross-contamination. Luckily, we at AMT Devices have the perfect pneumatic press machine for you and your needs!

Our Pneumatic Air Presses

AMT Devices introduces the AMT-800 Pneumatic Press. A light-duty, semi-automated station designed specifically to assemble press-fit and snap-fit components. This device can have a press range of 1 to 100 pounds of force and allows the user to assemble components easily and safely. The AMT-800 is designed to be validated for medical cleanroom environments. Contact our engineers for recommendations or assistance with nest and plunger design. Additionally, our team can provide further information on our pneumatic presses to ensure you purchase the right product.


AMT-800 Pneumatic Press

Provides an easy way to assemble light press-fit or snap fit components for rapid and repeatable production. Controls allow the user to have control over speed and force.