Welcome to AMT Devices,

AMT Devices brings superior tube cutting, expanding, fitting insertion and pass through solutions to the medical manufacturing community. Our pneumatic pass-through windows are the most reliable and cleanest product of their kind on the market.  Our manual pass throughs have a decade of testing and with so many in the field we are the world leader in that product as well.  AMT Devices has been developing products and custom automated fixtures for the medical manufacturing community since 1994.  Our supremely qualified staff have shipped these devices to countries all of the world.  Just to name a few: Singapore, Czech Republic, Holland, Sweden, Italy, China, Mexico and Canada.  We work with some of the largest medical manufacturers such as: Johnson-Johnson Companies, GE Medical, Bard, Terumo, Welch Allyn, BD Biosciences, Thermo-Fisher and Baxter.  Our non-medical customer base is equally impressive with companies such as: Honeywell, Parker Hannifin, Fastenal, Tektronix, Engineered Wall Systems, Taurus and Polaris.  Whether it's a simple product or a complicated custom application we're here to help. AMT Devices has the goal of being the world leader in medical clean-room and controlled environment manufacturing equipment. We will make your manufacturing operations safer and more efficient. Our in-house manufacturing and ISO-9001 compliant quality system are just a few reasons to choose AMT Devices.

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Colorado Sales Office:
AMT Devices Corp
12137 N. Mariposa Street
Westminster, CO 80234
Phone: 303 929-9736

Our Mission,

To provide medical manufacturers with high-quality products that will increase safety and add value by boosting operation efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to continuous improvement includes an active focus on quality management, excellence in customer service, fostering innovation, and an effort through all levels of business to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Some of our environmentally conscious practices include using reusable and eco-friendly cutting fluids, a culture that promotes recycling, and working with our suppliers to implement safer materials such as our non-toxic, bio-degradable packing peanuts.