Medical Fittings

Medical fittings are superior to other tube inserter methods, such as traditional flare-type fittings. Because flare types require a specialized flaring tool to seal the fitting properly, this process is slow and sometimes inaccurate. Instead, hospitals and clinics use automatic tube inserter machines to expedite the tube fitting process and ensure total accuracy. Luckily, we at AMT Devices have the right inserter equipment for your medical tubing needs.

AMT Devices introduces the Automated Fitting Inserter. Designed and developed by AMT’s engineers, this equipment is capable of assembling a fitting to a tube every 2 seconds. The Automated Fitting Inserter automatically senses when the tube is inserted and retains the tube for quick and reliable insertion of a fitting into the end of the tube. Are you assembling thru-hole or similar fittings to tubing? Do you need a production yield of over a several thousand a day? AMT Devices invites you to submit your fittings and tube samples for free technical evaluation.

Contact our team at AMT Devices today for more information regarding medical fittings and inserter equipment—we’re eager to help you find the perfect medical tubing inserter and/or related devices for your hospital or clinic.


AMT-600 Automatic Fitting Inserter

Provides completely automatic fitting insertion for a variety of tubes and fittings. The level of automation, customization, and safety incorporated into this device is unparalleled by any other device on the market.