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AMT-310 Manual Pass-Thru Window

The AMT-310 features a sliding clear polycarbonate window with handles on both sides for easy opening and closing. The window stays up for quick and easy movement of large amounts of goods in or out of the clean room or controlled environment.

The window has an abrasion resistant coating and is optically clear. The handles are anodized aluminum and the wall plate is stainless steel with a cosmetic brushed finish. This model includes a 24" deep stainless steel ledge. The AMT-310 is designed for quick and easy installation and is compatible with Class 10,000/ISO 7 clean rooms. No electrical or compressed air is required.

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended finished wall opening: 24.5" W x 35" H
  • Provides a pass through opening: 24" W x 16" H
  • Constructed with Class 10,000/ISO 5 clean room materials and hardware
  • Unit weighs 42lbs/19kg
  • Overall dimensions: 24" Ledge Depth x 33.5" W x 40" H
  • Window material is clear AR polycarbonate
  • Guide material is black acetal
  • All hardware is stainless steel or zinc plated steel
  • No electric or air power required


AMT-310 Models

  • 310 - Stainless steel frame


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