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AMT-600 Automatic Fitting Inserter

The AMT-600 provides fully automated fitting insertion for a variety of tubes and fittings. The level of automation, customization, and safety incorporated into this device is unmatched by any other device on the market.

This device is designed for ambidextrous operation and can be matched to a bowl feeder for high production. Capable of inserting a fitting every two seconds.

This device requires 120VAC (240VAC Europe) and pressurized air source for operation. All units are powder-coated steel and designed for Class 10,000/ISO 7 clean room applications.

  • Automation - Detects when tube is inserted and holds firmly with jaws, magazine of fittings feed automatically into tubes, detects and indicates when fittings are in place and ready to be inserted, counts and displays how many fittings have been inserted in each run.
  • Customization - Interchangeable tube jaws for various tubing types, interchangeable magazines and pin sets for various fittings, and full control of air pressure to multiple air cylinders
  • Safety - Unit power is shut off when cover is removed, fitting will not be inserted until tube is fully seated into jaws. The jaws will not clamp on anything that is not tubing.


Technical Specifications

  • Accomodates tubing up to 1" outside diameter
  • Designed to work with straight fittings up to 1.25" major diameter x 2.5" long
  • Average production rate is 400-1200 units per hour
  • Wide variety of jaws and magazines available upon request
  • Simple, 2 minute process, to reconfigure for new tubing or fittings
  • Compatible with most semi-hard and flexible tubing (plastic or elastomeric)
  • Unit weighs 32lbs/14,5kg
  • Overall dimensions: 19.3in L x 9.2in W x 10.2 in H
  • Requires 90-120psi air supply
  • Requires 120VAC (North America) or 230VAC (Europe)


AMT-600 Models

  • 600 - Powder coat finish, magazine and jaws not included
  • 600L - Powder coat finish, wide magazine block for over-sized fittings,magazine and jaws not included
  • 600XL - Powder coat finish, extra-wide magazine block for maximum size fittings, magazine and jaws not included
  • Optional - Add standard alcohol lubrication system with 50cc reservoir


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