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AMT-130 Semi-Automatic Tubing Cutter

Our fastest tubing cutter! The AMT-130 Semi-Automatic Tubing Cutter provides a fast and accurate means of cutting tubing. This device features one-touch automated cutting action, a cut counter, an easily adjustable stop block (with cut button), and a stainless steel scale with both Metric and English units. Cut speeds achievable up to a cut per second!

Three lenghts of the AMT-130 are available: 24", 36", and 48". Electrical outlet and compressed air are required for operation. This device has safety features to mitigate accidents with exposed blades and is designed to be compatible with Class 10,000/ISO 7 clean room applications.

The AMT-130 is also available in stainless steel.

The safety features of this product are threefold:

  • Cut Button - The blade will not actuate without the Cut Button being pressed.
  • Cover Detection Switch - If the electronics cover is removed, the power to the device will disconnect, rendering the device inoperable until the cover is replaced.
  • Bushing Detection Switch - If the outlet bushing is removed, the power to the device will disconnect, rendering it inoperable until the bushing is replaced.


Technical Specifications

  • Cuts flexible tubing, including heat shrink and non-metallic braided materials, up to a Shore A 85 durometer
  • Cuts tubing diameter 1/32" to 1/2"
  • Bushing sets for standard tubing sizes (1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8") are available
  • Cuts lengths from 3/4" to 24", 36", or 48"
  • In most cases .03” to .88” cut lengths are achievable using a stop tool. Contact AMT Devices engineering group for more details.
  • General cut tolerance +/- 1/32", in some cases +/-.005"
  • Unit weight: 24" [8.2lbs/3,7kg], 36" [9.5lbs/4,3kg], 48" [10.0lbs/4,5kg]
  • Overall Dimensions: 9.0" W x 6.5" H x 29", 41", & 53" L
  • Requires 80-100 psi air
  • Requires 120VAC (North America) or 230VAC (Europe)


AMT-130 Models

  • 130-24 - 24" Maximum cut length
  • 130-36 - 36" Maximum cut length
  • 130-48 - 48" Maximum cut length


Additional Information

AMT-130 Operation:

AMT-130 Short Cut: